Couple’s Counseling from Home? What?? 4 Reasons Why…

leather-couch-11-1574434-639x961Have you often wished you could talk to someone from home about what’s troubling you or what you’re personally working on?

Video Therapy/Counseling is growing in popularity!

It’s Intimate and Convenient and so much more!

Read on to learn more about Video Therapy California, Glendora w Ilissa Banhazl, MFT

Want a question answered quickly? 626.335.0903

More online about video therapy

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Skype, FaceTime, Telephone Counseling Starting in September in Glendora

leather-couch-11-1574434-639x961Do you wish you had time to get some support in counseling with a licensed marriage and family therapist?

Would it be more convenient if you could do it from your home, sofa, bed, car?

Would it be nice to avoid traffic and save money on gas?

Would it be a treat to simply stay home after a long day at work?

Would it be easy to tuck your kids in and come downstairs to your den with your partner and have a session?

Perhaps you have physical limitations that make it difficult to come to an office.

Perhaps you work from home and can squeeze it in on your lunch hour.

If you work out of your home; sitting in your car with your phone or laptop will work!

Read more for specifics>>> (areas of treatment, when and how)

More about online counseling benefits>>>

Starting in September 2016!

CA Residents Only…

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3 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Happiness!

approval-15914_640Happiness is not a given, especially if your dealing with present difficulties or past wounds.  However, you probably could be happier than you are. That’s quite possible. A lot depends on what you’re telling yourself. The messages we give ourselves can either be supportive and loving or critical.

Read on to learn how you can have a better awareness of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and take more control of your happiness…

Read 3 Things you can do…>>>

Read more on happiness>>>


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Are You Married But Sleeping In Separate Beds? 10 Ways To Connect!

>Men and Women Talk!Relationships have their ups and downs for many different reasons including how busy you are working and raising a family. Plus, your working on your own personal growth.

Sometimes partners become distant and communication slows.

Physical affection can bring you back together. It’s probably the last thing you feel like doing right now but trust me, it works. You have to make an effort!

Physical touch can bring you back, so you feel close and safe enough to start having open communication again.

Read on for 10 ways to reconnect physically!

Read Women’s Health Magazine Article: Are You Showing Enough Affection? Playing it cool might not be the best strategy for your love life

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Why Couples Try Counseling? 5 Reasons To Consider!

Need some tools?

Need some tools?

Do you find that you and your partner seem to be going in circles and bumping into the same old frustrating issues? Sometimes a few sessions of couples’ counseling can help create more positive interactions.

Ask yourself…

  1. Why am I resisting counseling?
  2. Have I tried everything with my partner that I know of to fix the problem/s.
  3. Would tools help us to move forward?

To learn what tools you will acquire in couples’ therapy read more>>>

More reasons to consider marriage and family therapy sessions>>>

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Irresistible Impulse Or Inability To Resist Impulse

check off box yes no maybeFull on physical addictions can be impossible to resist without medical care.

However, a habitual behavior is possible to resist.

It’s a choice.

There must be certain tools in place to attempt to extinguish a long standing or even new behavior.

Ask yourself these 3 questions>>>

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Found A Great New App! Headspace!

stress_fyGzwkwO_SAre you tired of being in your head all the time? Are you tired of life dragging you down and pulling you in a million directions so that its impossible to think?

Am I being dramatic to make a point? Am I? What do you think?

I found an awesome app that’s grabbing lots of peoples’ attention. The App is called Headspace.  It starts out free. It helps you to live more in the present moment which will make you feel so much better!

To learn more about this app called Headspace>>>

For psychotherapy counseling call 626.335.0903

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Unhappy In Your Relationship? Could It Be You? 6 Ways To Get Happy!

Source: Unhappy In Your Relationship? Could It Be You? 6 Ways To Get Happy!

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Unhappy In Your Relationship? Could It Be You? 6 Ways To Get Happy!


So things have been kind of rocky lately. You keep getting into the same old arguments and behaviors. You love one another but can’t figure out why the relationship is suffering.

Could it be that you’re not happy with yourself and this is flowing over onto your relationship?

Wondering if your partner is personally happy, aside from you?

Here are 6 ways you can find out and improve your happiness and thus improve your relationship. Of course, this is something your partner needs to do as well. So share this with them. Both of you need to be personally happy for this relationship to work.

To learn how to know if your genuinely happy with yourself and which areas of your life to focus on, read more>>>

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Are you Feeling Stressed Out During This Holiday Season? 7 Things to Do To De-Stress!

Time for Family Showing Love And Romantic HomeHolidays are stressful for most people. So much to do, so little time!

It can feel overwhelming and exhausting.

Are your missing the pleasure of the holiday?

I’ve listed  7 tips to help you cope better and enjoy your holiday preparation!

To Read 7 Ways To De-Stress During the Holiday Season>>>

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