>Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make

>I see tons and tons of mistakes that women make, but I have a few specific ones that seem to be common with our gender.
By: B. Hamrick

1. Being Clingy

I don’t care if you are a dead ringer for Kristy Brinkley and have an outstanding personality; you aren’t getting anywhere with a guy if you are clingy. The fascinating thing about this is most women don’t even realize they are clingy. There are many ways to be clingy, but I’ve listed the most common below:

Telephone. Your guy should be calling you at least twice as many times as you call him. If he is supposed to call you at 5 don’t pick up the phone at 5:02 when you haven’t heard from him. If this is completely out of character for him and you are afraid something may be wrong, you can call him in an hour. This rule is especially important in the beginning of a relationship. Let him be the one to call you and make plans. Don’t call him everyday, and always have a good reason to call him (don’t try to make one up- you will sound so very lame). Also be sure to hang up with him before the convo goes stale. Oh, and when he calls you let it go to voicemail once in a while!Read More>>>


About Ilissa Banhazl

Ilissa Banhazl is a licensed marriage and family psychotherapist, former grade school teacher and holds a masters degree in reading. She has a private practice in Glendora, CA and lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and three children. She specializes in adult, adolescent, individual, couple, and family relationship counseling as well as eating disorder treatment and recovery. She facilitates a Women’s Support Group in Glendora as well as a Women’s Disordered Eating & Body Image Group. Ilissa authors 3 therapy blogs, Marriage and Family, Eating Disorders and Group Therapy. You can follow her at FB and Twitter. http://www.ilissabanhazlmft.com or http://www.eatingdisordersgroup.com
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One Response to >Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make

  1. Suzy Weiss says:

    >Being Clingy really affects a relationship silently..Men could easily turned off if you haven`t recognized it yet…Understand that other people have lives outside of yours.Find something you enjoy that you can do outside of your relationship such as a hobby or sport. Take an art class or sign up for your church's softball league. This will help you prevent making your partner the center of your world.

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