Are you feeling Stressed Out?

Stress is a normal part of life. It comes and goes all the time. Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Where is your stress coming from?

2. Is there any part that you can control?

3. Can you add something to your life that makes you feel good?

4. Do you have good time management skills?

5. Do you plan ahead for stressful times? Do you have a set of coping skills for those times; exercise, journaling, deep breathing, call a friend?

6. Can you cut back on some of your activities?

7. Are you getting a good night’s sleep, exercising, and eating nutritiously?

8. Do you have your boundaries with people in place?

9. Do you worry or take action?

10. Do you feel the need to be perfect?

Please read the following article to find solutions for these questions!

10 Practical Ways to Handle Stress

Stress is inevitable. It walks in and out of our lives on a regular basis. And it can easily walk all over us unless we take action. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to minimize and cope with stress. Here are 10 ideas for handling stress without causing more strain and hassle.

1. Figure out where the stress is coming from.

Oftentimes, when we’re stressed, it seems like a big mess with stressors appearing from every angle. We start to feel like we’re playing a game of dodge ball, ducking and darting so we don’t get smacked by a barrage of balls. We take a defensive position, and not a good one at that.

Instead of feeling like you’re flailing day to day, identify what you’re actually stressed about. Is it a specific project at work, an upcoming exam, a dispute with your boss, a heap of laundry, a fight with your family?

By getting specific and pinpointing the stressors in your life, you’re one step closer to getting organized and taking action.

 2. Consider what you can control—and work on that. Read More>>>

Want to create a toolbox of coping skills?

About Ilissa Banhazl

Ilissa Banhazl is a licensed marriage and family psychotherapist, former grade school teacher and holds a masters degree in reading. She has a private practice in Glendora, CA and lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and three children. She specializes in adult, adolescent, individual, couple, and family relationship counseling as well as eating disorder treatment and recovery. She facilitates a Women’s Support Group in Glendora as well as a Women’s Disordered Eating & Body Image Group. Ilissa authors 3 therapy blogs, Marriage and Family, Eating Disorders and Group Therapy. You can follow her at FB and Twitter. or
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