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Our Daughters Have to Worry About Wrinkles Before Age 30! What?? by Ilissa Banhazl, MFT

Science now has the ability to help women (and men) prolong their looks from aging, We see women using Botox, fillers and lasers. As wonderful as that may seem, I am afraid we are giving our daughters more anxiety and … Continue reading

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What Happens In Your First Session of Couple’s Counseling? by Ilissa Banhazl, MFT, Glendora

The first thing that I will do is explain about counseling and confidentiality. I’ll ask each of you to tell me what some of the issues are and your individual as well as couple goals. In session, we’ll practice discussing … Continue reading

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Are you Recently Divorced? Are you Feeling Stuck in Your Life? by Ilissa Banhazl, MFT

The best way to get unstuck is to get involved in different things. Join a support group, take up a hobby, take a class, volunteer somewhere and find a babysitter so that you can go out with your girlfriend. The … Continue reading

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Communication Is Everything In a Relationship! Here Are Some Quick Tips That Can Make All the Difference! Ilissa Banhazl, MFT

Are you sharing your feelings before you tell your partner what’s bothering you about them? Or are you simply complaining or attacking? Are you using your words to tell your partner that you appreciate something they have done? Or are … Continue reading

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