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Are You Having Trouble Connecting With Your Partner? Read This! Counseling Claremont, CA

Men and women are different! Men are brought up to be independent and strong. They are told to handle things and keep their emotions inside. What happens is that men grow up not knowing what they are feeling or needing … Continue reading

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Are You Afraid to Kiss Your Husband Because You Know It Will Lead to Sex? 6 Things You Can Do? Therapy Glendora, CA

I hear complaints from men about their wives not being affectionate enough. That’s valid in some cases. However, some men don’t value cuddling or pre sex flirting as a precursor to sex. This can be a turn off for women. Remember that … Continue reading

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6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship When You’re an Empty Nester, Counseling, La Verne, CA

Empty nesters do go through a transition. It’s weird. No kid down the hall in his/her room lying on their bed staring at their laptop. Well, at-least they were home for a bit before running out with friends. You could see … Continue reading

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