Unhappy In Your Relationship? Could It Be You? 6 Ways To Get Happy!

Source: Unhappy In Your Relationship? Could It Be You? 6 Ways To Get Happy!

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Unhappy In Your Relationship? Could It Be You? 6 Ways To Get Happy!


So things have been kind of rocky lately. You keep getting into the same old arguments and behaviors. You love one another but can’t figure out why the relationship is suffering.

Could it be that you’re not happy with yourself and this is flowing over onto your relationship?

Wondering if your partner is personally happy, aside from you?

Here are 6 ways you can find out and improve your happiness and thus improve your relationship. Of course, this is something your partner needs to do as well. So share this with them. Both of you need to be personally happy for this relationship to work.

To learn how to know if your genuinely happy with yourself and which areas of your life to focus on, read more>>>

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Are you Feeling Stressed Out During This Holiday Season? 7 Things to Do To De-Stress!

Time for Family Showing Love And Romantic HomeHolidays are stressful for most people. So much to do, so little time!

It can feel overwhelming and exhausting.

Are your missing the pleasure of the holiday?

I’ve listed  7 tips to help you cope better and enjoy your holiday preparation!

To Read 7 Ways To De-Stress During the Holiday Season>>>

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Triggers! 4 Ways to Know, 3 Things to Do

2 single bedsDo you find that some of your arguments seem to get more intense than they need to? Usually this is because your partner will say something that triggers you to rage or cry or yell. You may not even know why you’re having such an intense reaction and your partner is unsure of what they did to upset you this much.

It’s a trigger!

Your partner said something that triggered feelings in you from your past and you’re bringing it into the present moment.

Read more to know if this is happening in your relationship communication and what you can do about it>>>

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7 Effective Topics for Family Dinner! You May Be Surprised!

Time for Family Showing Love And Romantic HomeSeems like everyone is busier than ever. Most parents are working and kids are involved in after school programs and their friends. The weeks and months seem to fly by. Sound familiar?

If so, how about shaking it up a bit? You’ll certainly grab your kid’s attention and that’s always a good thing!

Connected families thrive!

Read 7 Effective Topics for the Dinner Hour>>>


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Football, Hockey and More Sports! Women Respond…

cal-201408-retro_tech_018Yup, it’s that time of year when your partner may disappear into sports heaven!

Many partners find themselves with a lot of free time and perhaps even feel frustrated that things are not being attended to during the games.

You have a choice. You can fight or you can find a way to make the season work for both of you.

To learn 5 things that can make the season more manageable for everyone visit>>>

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School, Scheduling, Stress and Children- 3 Things To Help Your Child Succeed

back to schoolSeptember is always a hectic time of year because our children head back to school.

Homework, new teachers, new friends, new activities…

Some children are more sensitive than others and may feel stressed out returning to a full schedule.

Here are 3 things you can do to set your child’s year off on a positive path »




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