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5 Reasons Why Your Journal Is Your Best Friend…

“If we think too long about what we will write rather than simply letting the words flow out; we probably won’t want to journal”. When you journal: 1. You don’t need to censor yourself. Your journal will not judge you. … Continue reading

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Too Much of a Good Thing? 10 Slippery Slopes, Marriage and Family Therapy, Glendora, CA

Too much of even a good thing can be bad for you. Or rather, anything in moderation is fine! We tend to over do things. Many people have an addictive personality and that makes moderation difficult. Here are 10 things … Continue reading

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What Do You Do When You Find Out Your Partner Had an Affair and They Don’t Know If They Want Your Forgiveness?

Wait a minute, what’s wrong with this picture? She/he cheated on you and you want to try to forgive, but your partner is not sure that they want to be with you anymore! Aren’t they supposed to be begging for your … Continue reading

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So You Made It Through Christmas, Now What? by Ilissa Banhazl, MFT

I hope your holidays were fun and satisfying. Were there any relationship issues that reared its ugly head? Even though the holidays can be fun and exciting, people tend to experience a lot of stress too. See if you answer … Continue reading

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Back to Work on Monday!

Anyone needing answers regarding what to expect in therapy, fees, insurance, confidentiality and more can call my office starting this week. Please call my office in Glendora at 626-335-0903. I will return your call as soon as I can. Issues I … Continue reading

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