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Dating? How Long is Too Long to Wait for A Commitment, By Ilissa Banhazl MFT, Glendora

So you’ve given him/her a year, two years, three years or more and he/she is still not ready to make a commitment to you and the relationship. When is it time to move on? Depending on your circumstances that may … Continue reading

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Are You Struggling With Your Relationship? Studies Show the Benefits of Talking to Other Women in a Supportive Group. By Ilissa Banhazl, marriage and family women’s therapy group, San Dimas

Every person is unique and so is every relationship. However, there are some definite generalities that we can make about some of the differences between men and women; different thinking, behavior and style of communicating. Because of these differences women … Continue reading

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Are you Recently Divorced? Are you Feeling Stuck in Your Life? by Ilissa Banhazl, MFT

The best way to get unstuck is to get involved in different things. Join a support group, take up a hobby, take a class, volunteer somewhere and find a babysitter so that you can go out with your girlfriend. The … Continue reading

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Join Our Awesome Women’s Support Group in Glendora!

Join Our Awesome Women’s Support Group in Glendora!.

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How Soon Is Too Soon To Sleep With a Guy You Think You Might Really Like?

Written by Ilissa Banhazl, MFT- Single Women often ask me how¬†soon is too soon to sleep with this guy I think I might really like? I tell them that I believe every case is unique. I have seen ones that … Continue reading

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Is Your Relationship On Its Last Leg? If So, Try Couple’s Therapy!

Are you unhappy in your relationship? Do you feel stuck like you don’t know how to fix the problem? Have you started separating emotionally in response to the problems? If so, you are not alone. There are many couples just … Continue reading

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Ilissa’s MFT Tip #6 -Valentine’s Day for One

Another Valentine’s Day without a date? Not seeing anyone right now? Maybe you just came out of a relationship and you’re on your own again. Whatever the circumstances try not to feel too bad. Most people in there 20’s and … Continue reading

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