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Navigating Your Relationship All By Yourself?

Sometimes a relationship benefits from an outside professional view. New perspectives present themselves as well as new ways of being. Open a window to your relationship and watch it improve! For Relationship Counseling: Ilissa Banhazl, marriage and family therapy Call … Continue reading

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Can’t Stop Fighting? Here’s 3 Things You Can Do To Save Your Relationship! Ilissa Banhazl, marriage and family therapy, San Dimas

Many couples are in couples’ counseling but may notice that not much is getting better. That’s probably because you are not ready to discuss your couple issues together and you would both benefit from discernment counseling first. Discernment counseling is … Continue reading

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If You Are a Single Woman or With Someone, You Would Benefit from Joining a Women’s Supportive Group! Facilitated by Ilissa Banhazl, MFT, Upland

Are you single? Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend, a fiancé, or best friend? Whether or not you’re involved in any of these relationships or checking out life on your own; you can always grow and make friends … Continue reading

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Getting Divorced? Did You Know That You Can Save Money If You Use a Mediator Rather Than an Attorney? Ilissa Banhazl, MFT, San Dimas

In the past when couples couldn’t agree on a financial and /or custodial arrangement there only option was to turn to an attorney. Unfortunately, attorney fees can be outrageous! A new option is to use a mediator to help you … Continue reading

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You Have to Watch This Video! The Difference Between Men and Women’s Brains. It’s Hysterical But True! Shared by Ilissa Banhazl, MFT, San Dimas

  http://apps.attainresponse.com/ComF5/videoPlayer.htm?playerId=0&videoId=8j9yT5t9JMapd2Nz_eDBnw..&autoStart=true&stretchToFit=true&width=640&height=360 For couples’ counseling information… This is why men and women are sometimes on different pages! Have a good laugh!

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What Do You Do When You Find Out Your Partner Had an Affair and They Don’t Know If They Want Your Forgiveness?

Wait a minute, what’s wrong with this picture? She/he cheated on you and you want to try to forgive, but your partner is not sure that they want to be with you anymore! Aren’t they supposed to be begging for your … Continue reading

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Are you Recently Divorced? Are you Feeling Stuck in Your Life? by Ilissa Banhazl, MFT

The best way to get unstuck is to get involved in different things. Join a support group, take up a hobby, take a class, volunteer somewhere and find a babysitter so that you can go out with your girlfriend. The … Continue reading

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