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Irresistible Impulse Or Inability To Resist Impulse

Full on physical addictions can be impossible to resist without medical care. However, a habitual behavior is possible to resist. It’s a choice. There must be certain tools in place to attempt to extinguish a long standing or even new … Continue reading

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School, Scheduling, Stress and Children- 3 Things To Help Your Child Succeed

September is always a hectic time of year because our children head back to school. Homework, new teachers, new friends, new activities… Some children are more sensitive than others and may feel stressed out returning to a full schedule. Here … Continue reading

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What Your Child’s Bad Behavior Really Means, 3 Things to Do

If you meet your child’s emotional and physical needs, as much as is humanely possible, then you should have a cooperative, respectful and happy child. So, this means that a child who is acting out, anxious or depressed is “unhappy”. … Continue reading

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4 Benefits of Family Counseling, Ilissa Banhazl, MFT, La Verne

Every family could benefit from family counseling. There are always things to fine tune or improve like communication between family members. Here are 4 reasons why your family might benefit from Family Counseling: Family members tend to interrupt one another … Continue reading

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The Unspoken System In Your Family: 3 Benefits When Talking About It With One Another, La Verne, CA

There is an unspoken rule in your family. We all have our roles and typical familiar interactions. By now, some of your behaviors are conscious but others are pretty much unconscious and involuntary and put in place to keep the … Continue reading

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3 Things You Can Do at Home to Improve Your Relationship While You’re in Couple’s Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, Upland, CA

When you are in couple’s counseling with me, you will learn mindful communication for discussing important topics with your partner. Sometimes couples save all their important discussions for when they are in session with their therapist. Especially in the beginning … Continue reading

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Divorce is Hardest on the Kids! 3 Symptoms & 3 Things You Can Do to Buffer Your Child’s Stress, Counseling Upland, CA

When children go through a divorce they can develop certain symptoms: (What to look for) 1. Anxiety 2. Concentration difficulties 3. Acting out  3 Things you can do to buffer your child’s stress: 1. Put their needs first and make … Continue reading

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A Tip For Better Communication With Your Partner, from Ilissa Banhazl, MFT

When I observe couples discussing an important issue I notice behaviors that make it difficult to resolve issues. First I notice that when the discussion becomes somewhat emotional because partners are passionate about their points, couples will interrupt the other … Continue reading

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