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Are you Feeling Stressed Out During This Holiday Season? 7 Things to Do To De-Stress!

Holidays are stressful for most people. So much to do, so little time! It can feel overwhelming and exhausting. Are your missing the pleasure of the holiday? I’ve listed ¬†7 tips to help you cope better and enjoy your holiday … Continue reading

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Too Much of a Good Thing? 10 Slippery Slopes, Marriage and Family Therapy, Glendora, CA

Too much of even a good thing can be bad for you. Or rather, anything in moderation is fine! We tend to over do things. Many people have an addictive personality and that makes moderation difficult. Here are 10 things … Continue reading

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Are You Watching the Super Bowl Game With Your Partner? by Ilissa Banhazl, MFT

Are you watching the game with your partner? Is it because you like sports or do you just want to be with your partner? Are you both preparing snacks and cozying up on the sofa together. It’s always good to … Continue reading

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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? Have You Considered Psychotherapy?

It’s never too soon to start planning for new behaviors and experiences as the new year begins. Most people plan to get physically healthy in January, after the holidays. This is a very commendable goal. I wonder if people plan … Continue reading

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Back to Work on Monday!

Anyone needing answers regarding what to expect in therapy, fees, insurance, confidentiality and more can call my office starting this week.¬†Please call my office in Glendora at 626-335-0903. I will return your call as soon as I can. Issues I … Continue reading

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Start A Gratitude Journal and Feel More Positive About Your Life

By Ilissa Banhazl, MFT- Many times I find that we focus more on the negative and difficult things in our life. Doing that can make you feel depressed and unhappy. We feel what we think! I suggest that you start … Continue reading

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Is Your Child Cutting? Are you Sure?

By Ilissa Banhazl, MFT- Something new after the Baby Boomer Generation is young people cutting themselves. While working with many teens and younger children I have found that they are engaging in cutting behavior because they are in extreme pain … Continue reading

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