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11 Signs of Domestic Violence. Get Help, Get Out!

Physical Violence- using ones’ physical strength or presence to control someone Behind closed doors many individuals struggle with an abusive partner. The longer you live that way the harder it is to get out and someone will definitely get hurt. … Continue reading

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What Are You Doing To Get Ready For Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! What are you doing to get ready? I wonder if you thought about it that way. Sure, some people do, they’re romantics or they’re in that high point in their relationship and I do mean “high”! … Continue reading

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Advice for Dating! 8 Tips! Marriage and Family Therapist, Ilissa Banhazl, Glendora

The best advice I can give you for dating is pretty simple. Be yourself! 1.You do not want to give “too much” personal information on the first date because it can be overwhelming for your date. 2.You do not want … Continue reading

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