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Are You Anxious? 17 Things to Do To Manage Your Feelings… Wow!

Some people wake up everyday feeling physically and emotionally anxious. This is diagnosed as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, (GAD).  It can be a predisposed genetic disposition and it can be learned or worsened by an anxiety provoking childhood or experience. Often … Continue reading

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What Your Child’s Bad Behavior Really Means, 3 Things to Do

If you meet your child’s emotional and physical needs, as much as is humanely possible, then you should have a cooperative, respectful and happy child. So, this means that a child who is acting out, anxious or depressed is “unhappy”. … Continue reading

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Veterans Adjusting Back To Civilian Life- 9 Things to Address in Therapy

“After a year of not seeing my father after he deployed to Afghanistan, he surprised me in school when he returned home. I went to sit down in my desk and he was waiting there in my seat. Not many … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Your Journal Is Your Best Friend…

“If we think too long about what we will write rather than simply letting the words flow out; we probably won’t want to journal”. When you journal: 1. You don’t need to censor yourself. Your journal will not judge you. … Continue reading

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